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Engage staff from start to finish with entertaining & informative training videos.
Staff member driving sprayer tractor

Engaging onboarding

Engaged Staff

Training videos are more visually stimulating compared with written text, which leads to increased staff engagement and better learning.

Increased retention

Videos use multiple learning techniques, visual, audible, and written combined with increased staff engagement results in your train material being remembered.

Consistent quality training

With the perfect training videos, you assure all staff get the same high quality training, eliminating the chance different staff get different training.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to transition to digital onboarding?
If we have your onboarding material, typically in 24 hours it will be ready for you to use on Upskill.

To produce your training videos, it typically takes 14 days but depends heavily on the following:

• Filming location
• When we can complete all filming
• Number of videos
• Length of videos
Will my onboarding material work for training videos?
Yes! We work with you to make sure your onboarding material is translated perfectly into video scripts. Sometimes material can be turned directly into video scripts, and other time there is some adjusting that is needed. You will be involved to make sure all important information is covered!
What does the video process involve?
Typically, projects can be divided into three key stages:

1. Pre-production: This initial phase involves planning, which may encompass activities like script creation, storyboarding, organising the shoot, and scouting filming locations.

2. Production: This is when the actual filming happens, whether it's in a studio or on-site at a designated location for the video.

3. Post-production: In this final stage, the recorded footage is edited and polished to create the finished product. Tasks like incorporating graphics, subtitles, and music are undertaken.

Once all is said and done, you'll receive the completed video.
Do you add voice overs and music?
Absolutely! We offer the option to record voice-overs using your own voice, or if you prefer, we can find a professional voice actor or actress who perfectly matches your requirements. Additionally, we can provide you with royalty-free music for your video, or if you have the rights to any specific music, we can apply that as well.

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