3 Horticulture Induction Tips 2023

Levi Eria
Levi Eria
7 July 2023
5 min read
Staff member driving sprayer tractor

The horticulture industry employs more than 40,000 people and is worth more than $7 billion. Inducting hundreds or even thousands of seasonal workers every year is a stressful and time-consuming task that needs to be done.

Here are our 3 important tips that allow you to get the most out of your induction system.

1. Move inductions digital.

58% of staff feel their system is too paperwork focused. With onboarding software, induction booklets, company policies and employee forms can all be moved online, dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend inducting your growing and packing team.

No more of your time is wasted on printing out hundreds of booklets, manually completing paperwork and documenting staff records because it is done automatically!

Staff are also able to complete their training from anywhere, any time, meaning you set their training and let them complete it in their own time with no input from you!

2. Engage staff.

When inducting staff with printed text information is forgotten quickly, with 65% of the material covered being forgotten after 7 days and a staggering 90% being forgotten after 6 months.

Leading to increased work accidents and longer time taken for staff to become a productive part of the team.

Keeping a new employee engaged from start to finish is key to improving retention and understanding.

Training videos are a great way to do this as it is more visually stimulating than written text. With a mix of visual, audible, and written cues that hold staff attention for longer, increasing induction material retention.

3. Test knowledge.

Most horticulture inductions don't include a section for testing staff understanding of training material.

Meaning, staff can start with no understanding of the induction material, leading to increased work accidents and less productivity from your workers.

You can test on, health & safety procedures, role responsibilities, company policy and more which allows you to gauge how well your staff have understood the information.

Implementing a simple question & answers section after your staff have completed training is a great way to achieve this. It is easy to set up, helps reinforce what they have learnt and can help in evaluating the effectiveness of the induction process.

Levi Eria
Levi Eria
13 Jun 2023
5 min read